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Rats and Mice
Bed Bugs
The Male' Pest Control Service treatments conform to the standards of WHO ( World Health Organization ) and FAO ( Food Agricultural Organization ) . Chemicals used are low toxic public health formulations meant for food and catering industry.

To maintain high standards of treatment methods The Male' Pest Control Service agrees to carry out quality inspections when required. We have a unique reporting system to feed back the effectiveness of the service to the client.

The Control of Cockroaches are achieved by simultaneous treatment to breeding places and harborages. Sewer , gullies , man holes are the common places for looking. Also effective chemical treatment will be done to cracks, crevices in food preparation areas and food stores using special techniques. Cockroaches are nocturnal and there for the residual spray treatment will be carried out on potential surfaces as walls of guest rooms.
Ants harbor in gardens under paving stones and occasionally within buildings. Our specialized technicians would spray effective chemicals to the Ants path and to places where they harbor. The inconvenience caused by Ants will be controlled by the professionals of The Male' Pest Control Service.
Mosquitoes breed on accumulated water. Reduction of empty containers, bottles in the environment with proper waste management will keep the mosquito problem under control. How ever rain water accumulated in tree holes, leaf axils in shrubs areas provides enormous amount of micro pools for breeding of Mosquitoes. The Male' Pest Control Service technicians who are specialized in

treating these breeding points with necessary larvicides by misting and spraying would control the inconvenience caused by Mosquitoes. Shrubs and other areas where mosquitoes harbor would be treated by space spraying and by using thermal fogging.

Bed Bugs are nocturnal parasites feeding on mammalian blood. They normally hide by day in crevices in beds, furniture, wall paper, inside mattresses and skirting boards. The specialized technicians of The Male' Pest Control Service will spray effective chemicals to these points and cold fogging would be done to the particular rooms which they harbor.

Flies are short cycled fast breeding insects. usually breed on decaying organic material. The Male' Pest Control Service specialized technical staff will locate the potential fly breeding grounds and will spray with effective larvicides. Proper garbage disposal and well maintained sewage collecting net work would considerably reduce the fly population. Further the technicians of .

The Male' Pest Control Service will spray effective insecticides to minimize the problem while treating the breeding areas

Rats and Mice are generally introduced to the islands in Maldives from supply vessels. Rodents who are harbored in these resorts tend to increase their population due to favorable factors such as availability of food. Vigilant monitoring and control of rat and mice population is important to maintain high standards of the tourism industry.

The methodologies used by The Male' Pest Control Service are surplus and puls baiting with safe anti coagulant based Rodenticides. How ever due to availability of food and tailor made treatment techniques will be implemented based on the situation. Bait shyness is common in Rats and Mice found in Hotels and Resorts. Strategies such as tracking and mechanical trapping would be used. Also tamper proof bait stations would be installed for the safety of non target species

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