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Norway Rats ( Rattus Norwigicus )

Norway rat is large robust rat in size. weight around 300g. Adult length would be around 25 cm. snout is blunt . Ears are small covered with short hair. Eyes are small. They are brown in color. Norway rat is omnivores. They seek food with high water content. Sight is poor and basically color blind. They nest in burrows. They are excellent swimmers. Droppings are capsule shaped. They can climb

Rats and mice feed on all kinds of food. these four legged creatures contaminate food with their urine and faeces. The transmit diseases such as leptospirosis, plague. Rats and mice carry fleas and mites on their bodies which also transmit diseases to humans. To prevent their incisors (front teeth) growing long the need to gnaw constantly. This gnawing habit destroys house hold items, business premises. Rats could cause electric shortening and buildings could go on flames. Rats, mice are social animals. prefer to live in nest such as garbage dumps , drains , roofs , walls . Rats have a sharp sense of smell, hearing. they are good climbers . There are three main types of rats and mice.

(1) Norway rat----------------(2) Roof rat -------------(3) House mouse

Roof Rat ( Rattus Rattus )

Roof rat is smaller than Norway rat. Gray in colour. body length is about 22cm . tail length is 25 cm. weight about 200g. snout pointed. Ears are large and naked. Eyes are large and prominent. Droppings are spindle shaped. sight is poor and colour blind. mainly eat fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables. Roof rat nervous to new objects. They are active climbers. They harbor in walls, attics. Roof rat could swim but not fond of water.

House Mouse ( Mus Musculus)

House mouse is small slender 15g in weight. Adult body length would be 9 cm. Length of tail would be 10cm. Snout pointe. Ears are large. Eyes are small. Light brown or light gray in color. Droppings are rod shaped. They are less nervous of new objects. They nibble. House mouse is a good climber. They can swim.