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This treatment will be carried to premises which is under construction in preventing future Subterranean Termite attacks. Effective chemicals will be treated to the soil from inside and out side the building to create a chemical barrier in preventing termites entering the walls from the soil. Further all wooden structures could be treated with necessary chemicals to shield your premises from termite attacks.


Post Construction Treatment is recommended for the buildings which are subjected to termite attacks. We will use effective methodologies by injecting effective chemicals to create a chemical barrier. Further to treating the termite colonies and termite paths on walls, doors, windows, conduits will make the premises free from termites. 

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Termites cause tremendous damage around the world. They are found in tropical and sub tropical countries. Maldives being a tropical country damage caused by Termites to buildings and houses are reported frequently. The Male' Pest Control Service who are reliable and effective has treated and controlled many termite infested houses , apartments , hotels , government institutions and sports centers in the Republic of Maldives .Our services includes a free survey, detail report ,methodology and quotation before treating your termite infested residence, building ,office or Institution. Treatment methods we carry are Pre construction soil treatment and Post construction treatment.